Frequently Asked Questions
What is ?
A Myanmar online marketplace where you can sell, find and buy old or new things with good price. Sellers and buyers communicate directly each other.
How does work?
1. You create a post about items in
2. Buyers will contact you with the information you provided
3. You and buyer discuss & negotiate price and make the deal
Who uses ?
Peoplewho want to sell something and make money easily. Anyone who want to buy anything with good offers.
Do I need to pay money for listing in ?
No. There is no cost for making post in
How can I post in ?
Go to and make post.
Do I need to open account to post in ?
Not necessarily. But if you will sell many things, we encourage you to open an account for much better services.
Can I use my facebook account to log in in ?
Not yet. But we plan to working for that in near future.
What kinds of things handle?
Property. Vehicles. Electronics. (for this moment)
But we are trying very hard to increase other categories such as clothes, books, foods and so on, in near future.
What kind of devices can I use to post in
Any devices that have internet connection.
Can I use my phone to sell in ?
Yes. But your phone must have internet connection.
Do I have full ability to control my posts?
Yes, absolutely. But if you violate’s terms & conditions, we will remove your posts instantly.
How do I delete my posts?
Two ways.
1) You can delete it immediately if you have account in
2) You can follow the link from the email we have sent you when you created post in Then, you can remove your posts.
DoesInnLay.comstill working if I am not in Myanmar?
Yes. But your customers may have difficulty to contact you if you are not in Myanmar.
Who built ?
Creative Computer Engineers,Innovative Technology enthusiasts.